Crooked Tree Studios

Throw Trucks With Your Mind Bundle

Throw Trucks With Your  Mind is a video game that uses NeuroSky's Mindwave headset to give you telekinetic super-powers controlled with your thoughts.  In this game, you will crush your enemies by throwing trucks at them with your mind!  This game uses Unreal Engine 3 to deliver a modern gaming experience with mind-blowing, innovative gameplay.  This will include:

  • 8 unique ways to harness the power of your mind
  • 5 playable characters, each with a colorful and dynamic style
  • 5 exciting multiplayer game modes
  • 3 intense levels
  • Training scenarios to teach you everything you need to know about the game
  • Online matchmaking
  • The opportunity to crush your foes with your mind over the internet!
  • Access to the closed beta
  • The NeuroSky MindWave headset

Throw Trucks With Your Mind is currently available for Windows XP and up.  It will be available for OSX 10.6.8 and up soon.

Alpha for OS X is available!

We're not ready to call this stable, but we welcome everybody who would like to play Throw Trucks With Your Mind on OS X to our opn alpha!

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