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About Us

What is Crooked Tree Studios?
We're a bunch of game developers.  We love making games.  That's everything about us that matters.


What sort of games?
Right now, we're working on a game called Throw Trucks With Your Mind that incorporates a brain-reading headset to give you the fantasy of altering the world through the sheer force of your willpower.  Then we let you crush other people over the internet with your willpower.  There aren't any guns and your powers don't work directly on other players, so you have to be clever and use the environment to destroy your enemies.  It's a lot of fun and we want to share that with the world.


Everything you have is a pre-order!  When are your games coming out?
Throw Trucks With Your Mind will be released at the end of March, 2014.  The closed beta will start at the beginning of February.


Are there any handy links for finding out more about the product and development?

I'm glad you asked!  You can see the Kickstarter campaign that got us started here and you can check out our developer blog here.